7 Reasons Why You Need A Good Dog Seat Cover

7 Reasons Why You Need A Good Dog Seat Cover

October 12, 2017

7 Reasons Why You Need A Good Dog Seat Cover

At some point or another, you’ll take your dog for a ride in your car. Maybe you do this on a regular basis to visit dog parks or to explore the outdoors. Perhaps your dog isn’t a huge fan of car rides, so you only take him along whenever it’s necessary. Whatever the case may be, your pet will be riding along with you from time to time.

This makes it important for you to have a good dog seat cover. Some people see dog seat covers as a mere accessory, but we see them as a truly essential tool. Any dog owner can benefit from using seat covers when a furry friend is riding along. If you’re unsure about what the benefits are, read on to learn a bit more. We’ve also offered up some tips on what kinds of dog seat covers will give you the best bang for your buck.


#1 Waterproof dog seat covers prevent lingering stains, odors, and more.

As a dog owner, unpleasant odors are just a fact of life sometimes. Accidents are bound to happen now and then, and your pup may suddenly make a mess in your car. Unfortunately, these unpredictable problems can lead to lingering stains and odors that seep into the interior of your seats. You can fill your car with air freshener and scrub the seats to your heart’s content. However, we know that this may not get your seats back to perfect condition.

That’s exactly why we believe dog seat covers are a must have item for any dog owner. We suggest choosing a waterproof or water-resistant cover to help control urine stains and odors. Take it up a notch and look for a cover that is also machine washable.  If your dog has an accident or gets carsick, you can simply remove the cover and clean it according to the manufacturer’s instructions. You won’t have to deal with the hassle of permanent odors and endless scrubbing.


#2 Dog seat covers reduce the amount of hair and dirt that gets onto your car’s interior.

Like many dogs, your dog may be very excited to hop in the car and go for a ride. While it’s certainly fun to travel with our furry companions, it can result in a bit of a mess. Dog hair is likely to stick to a car’s interior – seats, floors, mats…you name it, and it’s hairy. If your pup has dirt on his paws, that’s almost certainly going to get all over your car. This means you have to spend time vacuuming, scrubbing, and lint rolling to clean up. Who wants to do that when it’s totally unnecessary?

Dog seat covers eliminate this issue, as they cover your entire backseat. We prefer using hammock-style seat covers, as they offer full coverage, unlike other models. With hammock style covers, your dog does not come into direct contact with the seat fabric, floors, or floor mats. All you have to do is wash the cover whenever you feel like it’s getting a little too hairy. There’s no need for time-consuming cleaning when you’ve got quality seat covers protecting your car’s interior.


#3 Dog seat covers reduce sliding and slipping, which is safer and more comfortable for your dog.

When your dog sits in the back seat of your car, there’s a good chance he’s going to wobble around. This is true whether you’ve got a tiny Yorkie or a massive Mastiff – we know that it’s just bound to happen. The fabric of your car’s seats simply isn’t designed to hold a dog in place, and you can’t really put a seat belt on your dog. If you buy a high-quality dog seat cover, you can quickly resolve this common issue.

Good seat covers are made from slip-resistant materials, so you don’t have to worry about your dog’s safety or comfort. Keep an eye out for covers that have slip resistant materials on the bottom; this helps them adhere to your car’s seats really well. Your pup can simply relax in your car without wobbling and feeling skittish. He can gaze out the windows or take a nap, and he’ll be nice and secure. This allows you and your furry companion to breathe a sigh of relief. We know that this kind of reassurance is great for dog lovers everywhere.


#4 Seat covers prevent damage to your car’s interior that may be caused by your dog’s claws and teeth.

Whether you’ve got leather or polyester car interior, it is simply not designed to be scratched or chewed. These materials are definitely supposed to be durable, but that does not make them resistant to the whims of your dog. Let’s say your dog sees a bit of food stuck to the seat. Perhaps he starts feeling a bit anxious during the car ride. In these scenarios, there’s a good chance that he may start scratching or chewing your car’s interior. It isn’t always feasible or convenient to pull your car over to stop your dog from doing this.

We know that chewing and scratching can cause a pretty decent amount of damage, and it can be expensive to repair. If you use hammock-style dog seat covers, you don’t have to worry about this problem. The covers create a solid barrier between your dog and your seats and flooring. Additionally, the durable materials used in quality seat covers can withstand a bit of tough love. This makes it pretty perfect for car rides with your pup.


#5 Car seat covers offer more room than a crate.

You may frequently use a crate when you transport your dog in the car. After all, we understand that this option makes a lot of sense. It keeps your pet secure during rides, and it may prevent him from making a mess. IT does sound like the best option if you’ve never used seat covers, but there is definitely a major downside for you to consider. A crate does not give your furry friend much room to stretch his legs in your car.

This makes it important to find a happy medium for both you and your dog. That’s why we prefer car seat covers during rides. Car seat covers are an excellent option for giving your pup an ample amount of space. As mentioned above, they also keep your interior clean and prevent skidding and sliding around. You can also eliminate the possibility of your dog becoming too restless or uncomfortable in his crate during long rides. This yet another benefit that’s good for both you and your pet. It doesn’t get much better than that.


#6 Car seat covers are easier to transport than crates.

You may currently use a crate to keep your dog secured while he’s riding in your car. We mentioned above that this is a decent option, but it does create multiple disadvantages. You’ve got to spend time setting up and breaking down the crate every time you want to use it. You’ve also got to make sure it’s secure in your car’s seats and not sliding around. If your dog is a bigger breed, a crate can be bulky and downright inconvenient to deal with.

This is a major reason that we prefer using dog seat covers; they are a simple alternative that makes transportation easier for pet owners and dogs alike. They’re a no-fuss option that makes it easy to take your dog wherever you need to go. There’s no time or hassle spent dealing with a crate. This is pretty great when you’re running late to a veterinary appointment or a similar event. Simply spend a few seconds securing the dog seat cover in place, and you are good to go.


#7 High-quality covers keep your dog safe and are made from pet-friendly materials.

Let’s be honest – we don’t keep our cars in pristine condition 100% of the time. The average person has personal belongings, foods, and other items in their car. This certainly isn’t a big deal, but it poses a risk when your dog is riding with you. Let’s say your kiddo left a few fun-sized candy bars lying in the back seat. Maybe you dropped a prescription pill under your seat and totally forgot about it. When your dog sniffs these items out, there is a huge potential for a dangerous or devastating situation.

Another reason we advocate hammock style dog seat covers is because they completely prevent your pet from sniffing around the floor. You don’t have to worry about what he’ll find while you’re driving. We suggest that you choose an animal-safe polyester fabric to ensure your dog is only exposed to pet-friendly materials. Pet-safe poly fiber is another fabric to keep an eye out for; it adds some soft cushioning to keep your dog cozy.


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