Why You Need a Camping Lantern

Why You Need a Camping Lantern

October 12, 2017

For camping visits and around the house, camping lanterns are often quite convenient to have around.

Good camping lanterns are the difference between stumbling around in the dark, attempting to pitch a tent, and obtaining a good night’s sleep underneath the stars.

Flashlights burn out quickly and cannot light a large space. That is where lanterns come into play. Camping lanterns are light enough to be carried on the most intense of hikes, and become very useful if you are outdoors at night. You can also use lanterns to illuminate large, open spaces.


There are numerous types of camping lanterns.  As a result, some thought should be given to the varieties of lantern technology. Before you choose your lantern, you should determine your hiking and camping priorities. Consider details such as information concerning power sources, brightness quotients, and portability is all necessary. As camping lanterns are a vital component of camping, you should not wait until an emergency or inconvenient situation to realize that you have selected the incorrect camping lantern.


One type of highly recommended lantern is the rechargeable camping lantern. This lantern has no limit to it use, as you’ll be able to purchase rechargeable batteries or charge them when needed. Beyond rechargeable lanterns, there are high-tech, remote-controlled lanterns that use infrared technology and battery packs to illuminate your path, or, on the other end of the scale, there are lanterns that use natural fuel sources to create a flame that provides light.


Since you will likely take the lantern outdoors, you may need it to be able to survive the rigors of nature. A lantern ought to be water-resistant and very durable. High-quality camping lanterns will resist the nuances of weather of nature with ease.


One last tip- make sure to check how many hours your camping lantern can last to prevent yourself from getting caught in a predicament.


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