Essential Tips: How to Install an Indoor Hammock Safely

Essential Tips: How to Install an Indoor Hammock Safely

October 13, 2017

Did you know, you can add one more accessory to your home decor in the form of a hammock? But, how to install it indoors is the real question. Here, get to know the correct method of installing an indoor hammock.

Generally, a hammock is intended to be used outdoors, which can be set up at a beach, in the garden, on the terrace or in the balcony. But, the fact is that these hammocks with their look and comfort lends style to your home decor. This aspect interests many people who wish to install a hammock in their homes. There are hammocks and hammock chairs that can offer an elegant look to the room as well as give you some moments of relaxation and enjoyment. Choosing a hammock is the initial and important step in indoor hammock installation. There are two basic variants of hammocks, one with the spreader bars and the other without spreader bars. Hammocks are also made of different materials which can make the selection task more complex. Yet, you will find plenty of options to suit your preferences.

Indoor Hammock Installation

Proper installation of a hammock is extremely important, else it can result into severe injuries. To avoid any disastrous consequences, follow the guidelines given below while installing an indoor hammock.

Decide the Location

It is more convenient to install a hammock outdoors than indoors as there is no restriction on space. But, this is not the case with an indoor hammock; you should choose a location bearing in mind the length of the hammock and availability of empty space in the decided location. It must offer enough room for the hammock to move freely in that space. If it does not get enough space the person lounging in it may end up relaxing on the ground, or will not achieve the desired effect for which a hammock is installed. To avoid such scenarios, it is vital to choose the correct location.

Install the Hammock

Things you will need to install an indoor hammock are:

➦ Stud finder
➦ Pen or pencil
➦ 2 eye-bolts
➦ Drill machine
➦ A rope


Step 1
It is very important to install a hammock into a wood stud, instead of a metal one. Neither a dry wall, nor plaster has the capacity to hold the hammock weight. So with a stud finder, locate a wood stud. Various lights flash on the stud finder that helps you locate a stud, metal or wires.

Step 2
When you find the wood stud, mark it with a pen or pencil. Be sure that you are searching for the stud at the height you desire to install your hammock, or else you will end up installing it either very high or very low. To confirm it is a wood stud, drill a hole with a smaller drill machine and check the shredded particles. If they are wood you can go on to the next step but, if they are metal particles, you will need to drill another hole at some other point. Probably, this won't happen as you have the stud finder but, it is always better to confirm before going to the next step.


Step 3
Assuming that you got the right point, let's move on to the next step. Take an eye-bolt and the drill machine and measure the length of the part of eye-bolt that will go inside the wall and mark it on the drill machine. For the marking you can place the pointed portion of drill machine and the eye-bolt parallel to each other.

Step 4
Drill a hole up to the marking. Insert the eye-bolt into the hole and screw it initially with the hand and then with a screw driver to fix it completely. If you intend to install a 2-hook hammock, drill a hole for the other end of the hammock in a similar fashion.


Step 5
Now, you can insert the hammock hook into the eye-bolt and hang it or you can even use a rope to make the hanging safer. Take a long rope and make a loop in the eye-bolt and insert the hammock hook in the loop. Take the other end of the rope and pass it through the eye-bolt and then through the hammock hook. Do this several times to fix it. Tie a knot after the final pass of the rope through the hammock hook and pull the rope to tighten the knot. Likewise, proceed to tie the other end.

Apart from the above method, you can even install a hammock that rests on a frame or stand. Installing an indoor hammock will also provide a good reason for you to relax and refresh yourself in the comforts of your own home.

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