How to Fold Your Sleeping Bag?

How to Fold Your Sleeping Bag?

October 12, 2017

Whether you're a seasoned camper or simply going for a sleepover with your friends, learning how to properly fold and roll a sleeping bag is a worthwhile task. Mastering this skill will help to keep the sleeping bag clean and also prevent it from taking up too much storage space when you're not using it. To learn how to properly fold a sleeping bag, refer to the steps below.



Shake out the sleeping bag. Pick up the sleeping bag and give it a good shake - this will remove any crumbs, hidden flashlights or lost socks. Then, lay the sleeping bag out flat on a section of clean, dry ground.


Fold the bag lengthwise. Zip up the sleeping bag all the way to the top, then fold it in half lengthwise. Make sure the top and bottom are perfectly aligned. Otherwise, you won't be able to roll up the sleeping bag neatly.


Tightly roll the sleeping bag. Starting at the closed end of the sleeping bag (where your feet goes), begin rolling the material tightly, keeping it completely flat and pressing out any air as you go.
  • One good trick is to place a tent pole or straight stick across the bottom end of the sleeping bag and roll the bag around it, instead of around itself.
  • As you roll, use one knee to press down on the sleeping bag (in between the rolling motions). This will help to keep it nice and tight.
  • Continue rolling until you reach the opposite end of the sleeping bag.


Insert the sleeping bag into the stuff sack. Once you get to the end of the roll, you need to secure it - this should be relatively easy as most sleeping bags come with a stuff sack.
  • Keep one knee pressed tightly into the center of the sleeping bag while you insert one end of the rolled sleeping bag into the stuff sack.
  • When you've inserted about half of the bag, remove your knee and insert the sleeping bag all the way using your hands. Then, simply tighten the ropes.
  • Once the sleeping bag is packed, you can gently buckle the straps on the stuff sack to make it smaller.


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