How to Clean Your Grill Cover

How to Clean Your Grill Cover

October 12, 2017

A grill is a necessary tool if you want to barbecue food at home, and a grill cover can protect your grill and extend its service life. If you already own a grill cover (if you don't, we highly recommend you to get one) and you've been using it to cover you grill, have you ever tried to wash it? Or, did you find it difficult and/or inconvenient to clean your grill covers? Covers are designed to protect your outdoor furniture by keeping it clean and dry, but, just like anything that sits outside in the elements, protective covers will get dirty. Once the covers get dirty, they cannot keep the weathering, dirt, and debris away from your furniture as effectively as they one had, so it is imperative to keep your grill covers clean. Here are some tips how you can do that:

How to Clean Your Grill Cover

1.Remove any large debris from the cover

2.Leave the cover on the furniture and rinse it off with a hose

3.Use mild, warm soapy water (nothing abrasive or with harsh chemicals) and a soft rag to scrub the dirt off

5.Rinse off the water with a hose and hang it to dry. Please make sure it is totally dry before placing it back on furniture

Addition tips on washing your grill cover

We recommend never putting your cover in the washing machine, as we've had customers put their covers in the washing machine and have them turn out fine, while others said their covers were damaged from the harsh soap and agitation.

Grill covers are not the same as outdoor furniture covers. Upon the arrival of the warmer months, you do not need to use your outdoor furniture covers. But, grill covers should always cover your grill, except, of course, when you are using it to barbecue food. So, not only is it important to keep your grill covered, you must also keep your grill cover clean.

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