Tips You Need to Know Before Buying the Best Grill Cover

Tips You Need to Know Before Buying the Best Grill Cover

October 12, 2017

Do you really think it is necessary to buy a cover for your barbecue grill? Well, if you are one of those who regularly use it for an outdoor lunch or a delish dinner night, then you’ll probably think so. There are these barbecue grills that are too big and not convenient enough to take inside the house after use so, some just leave it outside.

However, keeping the grill outdoors will make it prone to some harsh elements that might damage your grill eventually. That’s when you need to find the best grill cover on the market.


To help you find the best grill cover, here are some tips you need to know.


All grill covers may look the same but each of these actually vary to what type of material is used. They are made of premium materials that made them more durable against any damaging elements. To keep you knowledgeable about these materials, here are the common types.

  • VINYL – Vinyl grill covers are waterproof and are reliable for outdoor use especially when the rainy season comes. However, they are still divided into different types which can either be long-lasting or not. Heavy-duty vinyl covers with at least 12 gauge are recommended. Lighter vinyl covers may be cheaper but may not be as durable as the heavy-duty ones.​
  • POLYESTER – This is the common type and the consumers’ favorite among all the other materials. Aside from its lightweight feature, they are applicable to different types of weather which makes it even more durable any time of the year. It can even be used for a long time due to its sturdy construction. It is often treated chemically to be resistant from water and sunlight.
  • CANVAS – This material is often opted as an alternative of polyester covers. It is one of the best options for outdoor use due to its resistance to different types of weather. It is so tough that it can also be fireproof. Canvas is often used in making covers for boat sails, tents and shoes. What is also great about it is, despite its durable quality, the price is not very costly. It is sometimes cheaper than polyester fabric.


Grill covers don’t have standard sizes. You should first measure the size of your grill. Grill cover come in different sizes that are customized to provide a perfect fit. It would not serve its purpose of protection your grill if you end up with the wrong size of cover.


Does it feature straps or handles, air vents or pockets? Are there any other accessories included? Air vents prevents moisture which keeps your grill rust-free while the handles or straps which allows you to easily remove the cover. The pockets can also be useful for storing your grill accessories. You may want to check some of these additional features which might make your grill cover more convenient to use.


How much can you spend for a grill cover? However, this type of accessory does not cost too much, but if you really want to keep track of your expenses, better check the prices. You can look for the affordable products and compare each of them to find the one that best suits your budget and of course, your grill.


Even those grill covers with the best quality can still get damaged if not maintained properly. They may look like a simple cloth but it needs more than just a quick wipe. They are designed for outdoor use so they are exposed to different types of harsh elements or weather that might ruin its quality.​

Here are some ways to maintain the quality of your grill cover.​

  • Wash it every now and then to scrub off all the grease, dust, dirt, mold, mildew and any other damaging elements. But don’t scrub too harshly.
  • If your barbecue grill is clean and so is your grill cover. Dirty utensils and leftovers might attract pests that can contaminate both your grill and cover. You should make sure to keep your equipment clean at all times to avoid these damages
  • You should use the right and mild cleaning products. Harsh chemical sprayers might damage the quality of your cover.
  • It is much better to wash your cover by hand and not in a washing machine. Machine washing might destroy your grill cover.

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