5 Reasons to Gift a Hammock This Christmas

5 Reasons to Gift a Hammock This Christmas

December 12, 2017

1. Hammocks are better with friends

Chilling on a hammock doesn’t have to be a solo activity. Wouldn’t it be more fun to snuggle up on a hammock built for a group? The Winner Outfitters Double Camping Hammock fits 2 adults comfortably in a lying-down position. If you’re sitting upright, you can pile on a bunch more (mom, dad, the kids, the dog…). The more the merrier!

2. Office naps should be normal

As I’ve mentioned on my personal blog, I strongly believe in the power of working place napping. Some forward-thinking companies have recognized the benefits of power naps in boosting productivity and alertness at work. Boston’s HubSpot has even dedicated an entire room to napping, complete with dim lighting, shag carpet, and of course, a hammock.

3. Crowdfund your camping

According to the 2013 American Camper Report , only 13% of Americans go camping in a given year. A camping trip is a pretty special occasion that most Americans don’t do frequently, yet camping requires a lot of specialized equipment that is often expensive and bulky to store year-round. Since 78% of adults go camping with friends anyway, why not pool money to split the cost of your equipment as a group? Camping hammocks are a versatile, fun, and comfortable alternative to sleeping on the bumpy ground — or spending hours wrestling with tent poles!

4. Upgrade porch or backyard

Hammocks aren’t just for the great outdoors. You can sling it between trees in your backyard, railings on your porch, or even exposed beams in your attic! If you live with roommates, you can go Winner Outfitters on a hammock for your common room or man-cave. Just hang it up and chill out.

5. It might be FREE SHIPPING

Winner Outfitters is currently running a Free Shipping Sales

Check out the Winner Outfitters Facebook page to get more info.


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